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The Increasing Demand For Predictive AI Cybersecurity Solutions

The cybersecurity surface, in today’s enterprise landscape, is massive and continues to grow at a fast pace. This is because the rise of technologies - which undoubtedly have indisputable advantages for businesses - has also given rise to new & complex malware infections and cyber attacks. Today, organizational operations require constant monitoring of thousands of coding layers to prevent cyber attacks. This means analyzing and securing a business’ cybersecurity posture requires more than just human intervention. Fortunately, predictive AI cybersecurity has been making strides in combating the latest cyber threats.

In this article, you will get insights into why AI cybersecurity is in demand and why cybersecurity professionals should integrate predictive artificial intelligence into their solutions.

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Why Predictive AI Cybersecurity Is In Demand?

The surging demand for predictive AI cybersecurity solutions is fueling the overall industry growth. With data multiplying each second and hackers becoming smarter every day, traditional cybersecurity solutions are no longer effective. The latest cyber security threats require cybersecurity industry leaders to adopt an inside-in view to examine their customer’s networks and understand threat actors, techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP). Monitoring processes and networks with such depth is beyond human capacity and requires a more efficient solution.

The idea behind AI-enabled cybersecurity software is to augment human expertise to identify hackers’ attacking patterns, weak points in networks, and new types of malware. AI cybersecurity solutions help cybersecurity professionals to see what a hacker sees when exploiting a network’s vulnerability. Once they understand hackers’ attacking patterns, they can build more agile cybersecurity solutions to combat the latest cyber attacks.

Importance of Predictive Artificial Intelligence For Cybersecurity Industry Leaders

According to IEEE Computer Society, 3 out of 4 cybersecurity executives integrating AI into their cybersecurity solutions enables them to respond faster to cyber attacks. Also, 3 in 5 cybersecurity firms say that artificial intelligence improves the efficiency and accuracy of their analysts and security experts. As databases are becoming larger and more complex this technology helps firms build better solutions that will meet the latest cybersecurity needs.

Why should cybersecurity professionals use Predictive AI in Cybersecurity Solutions?

#1: Automate Cyber Threat Monitoring

Cybersecurity analysts will need to go through a lot of structured and unstructured data to monitor threats to a business network. It might take days or months but even then they can’t be entirely sure if they have missed any significant piece of data.

However, cybersecurity vendors that use Predictive AI in their solutions which will automate the threat monitoring process. Whenever a cybercriminal tries to exploit a business network, your cybersecurity solutions will immediately alert you. This way, you can save businesses from huge losses that malware or any other cyber attack could have caused.

Moreover, as a cybersecurity vendor, you should also be aware that organizations prefer to invest in highly advanced solutions that will identify threats before happening. Integrating AI into your cybersecurity solutions will give you an edge over your


#2: Battling Bots

Bots make up a huge part of internet traffic and they can be dangerous for businesses. From bogus account creation to account takeovers, stealing credentials and data, bots are becoming a menace for businesses. An automated threat cannot be tackled by manual responses. AI cybersecurity solutions analyze a vast amount of data and allow cybersecurity professionals to build a strategy to protect an entity’s networks.

These solutions will provide behavioral patterns of bots and real users. From here, you can unpick the website traffic intent and block bad bots. Whenever a bad bot tries to enter your network, the AI cybersecurity software will quickly track the patterns and block it right there.

#3: Predicting Risks

Since Predictive AI cybersecurity solutions perform checking and monitoring better than manual processes, they can sense or predict whenever there is a new security threat.

AI’s self-learning capacities enable cybersecurity analysts to identify risks posed by anomalies as well as predict future risks. It also provides data about how frequently these anomalies can occur if no cybersecurity solution is applied.

#4: Improved Risk-Management & Incident Response

Cyber attacks like ransomware have increased by 150% in the past two years. In this type of cyber attack, hackers only tell you the exploiting point after you pay them a ransom. In such a scenario, cybersecurity experts often struggle to find weak entry points in the system.

However, the predictive analysis method in AI-enabled cybersecurity solutions quickly detects such areas and provides information to experts. AI cybersecurity software allows professionals not only to detect sensitive areas but also to provide insights to develop effective risk management and incident response method.

#5: Better End-Point Protection

The trend of remote work is fast increasing and the number of devices attached to a business network is growing. The home devices are not protected and hackers find entry points to get inside business networks through these devices. AI cybersecurity solutions have a great role to play in securing the users’ endpoints. Anti-virus solutions and VPNs can combat ransomware attacks and malware but to a limited extent. That means if you want to keep your business protected against the latest threats, it becomes necessary to get the latest AI cybersecurity solutions.

When it comes to endpoint protection, AI-driven cybersecurity solutions take a different track. These solutions are used to establish a baseline of behavior for the endpoints by analyzing data of all the connected devices. When an anomaly occurs, an AI cybersecurity solution can flag it and take action - whether that is a phishing email landing in a user’s inbox or any other type of cyber attack. This provides proactive prevention against threats rather than becoming a victim and then taking security measures.

AI Cybersecurity Market - A New Growth Opportunity for Vendors

There is an increasing demand for advanced security solutions in business landscapes. It is driven by the complexity and frequency of new cyber threats. There is an increasing need for AI-enabled cybersecurity solutions in finance, healthcare, and other sensitive sectors. In turn, this rising demand for AI cybersecurity solutions among SMBs and large enterprises is creating new opportunities for vendors.

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