Black Hat USA 2024: Everything You Need to Know Before Attending

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  • July 09, 2024
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Are you a cybersecurity expert excited about Black Hat USA 2024? This top conference is celebrating its 27th year at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, offering a week full of great opportunities.

The conference will kick off with four intensive training days held between August 3-8. The main event is a two-day conference that will take place on August 7 and 8, that will consist of presentations (Briefings), live demonstrations of open-source security tools (Arsenal), a bustling fair showcasing cybersecurity solutions (Business Hall), and a number of networking and social events.

If you are working in the cybersecurity industry attending this conference will help you:

  • Learn about the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.
  • Network with other security professionals.
  • Gain new skills and knowledge.
  • Earn certifications.
  • See the latest security products and services.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in cybersecurity.

How to Register for Black Hat USA 2024?

To register yourself for the conference, head to their website, and go to Attend> Attendee Registrations. Here, you can register yourself for the conference as well as access your existing registration.

Since there are three major events- Briefings, Trainings, and Business Hall, you can register for all three events or just the one you would like to attend.


There are two types of passes available. A pass that includes access to all in-person Briefings, Arsenal Demos, Business Hall Activities & Sessions, and more for $2,799 or if you are unable to attend in person you can register for a recorded version of all these events which would cost $ 1,459. However, the recorded versions will only be available 1 week after the live event.

Training Passes:

These passes are bought per the training course, so prices differ from course to course. For information about the training courses you can check out the website:

Business Hall Passes:

Business passes allow access to all Business Hall Activities, Arsenal Demos, and Sponsored Sessions. An in-person ticket costs $799 while getting recordings of the event is free.


The Black Hat USA 2024 conference will also host 6 summits. Each summit will offer a focused learning experience addressing cybersecurity. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, there's a Summit waiting to equip you with the knowledge and connections to excel in the world of cybersecurity.

1. The CISO Summit:

The Black Hat CISO Summit brings together top cybersecurity executives from around the world. Held before Black Hat USA's main Briefings, this invitation-only event offers CISOs and InfoSec leaders a chance to gain insights into the latest security threats, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices for securing their organizations.

Date: 7-8 August

Location: Four Seasons Ballroom, level 2, LA, NV

Price: $1,199

You can find more information about the summit here:

2. The AI Summit:

Reflecting the surge of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in 2023, Black Hat will host the inaugural AI Summit as a core component of its program.

This summit will touch on the critical need for organizations to address the security challenges alongside the immense potential of AI.

Date: 6th August

Location: Mandalay Bay, LA, NV

Price: $1,199

You can find more information about the summit here:

3. Inventors and Investors Summit :

This summit unites leading entrepreneurs, investors, and CISOs. The summit focuses on discussing cutting-edge trends in cybersecurity investment, including mergers and acquisitions, startup valuations, and groundbreaking technologies.

Date: 6th August

Location: Mandalay Bay, LA, NV

Price: $899

You can find more information about the summit here:

4. Omdia Analysis Summit:

This summit features leading cybersecurity analysts who will concentrate on platforms and simplifying things; it will help attendees understand the benefits and drawbacks of security platforms, as well as how they're changing and how risk is being managed.

Date: 6th August

Location: Mandalay Bay, LA, NV

Price: $949

You can find more information about the summit here:

5. ICS Micro Summit:

Micro Summits offer focused learning and collaboration on essential information security (infosec) topics. These bite-sized events bring together leading experts to share their insights.

Date: 7th August

Location: Mandalay Bay, LA, NV

You can find more information about the summit here:

6. Cyber Insurance Micro Summit:

This summit features industry pioneers, risk analysts, and insurance innovators, who will be discussing risk transference areas for the community.

Date: 7th August

Location: Mandalay Bay, LA, NV

You can find more information about the summit here:

Strategies for Vendors to Maximize Impact at Black Hat USA 2024

Attending the BlackHat USA 2024 conference as a vendor? Here are some tips to make the most out of the conference:

1. Research Your Competition:

Researching the other sponsors and exhibitors will potentially unlock valuable intel. By reviewing the Black Hat sponsor list and exhibition hall layout, you can see where your competition is positioned and what they're showcasing. This will allow you to tailor your strategy, design a booth that stands out, and craft messaging that outshines the competition.

2. Use Social Media to Market Your Presence:

Aggressively marketing your exhibit after registering for Black Hat USA 2024. This not only lets your target audience know you're attending but also solidifies your brand position. Here are some strategies you can use to market yourself on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter:

  • Use teasers to show sneak peeks of your booth, products, or demos.
  • Use the hashtags #Blackhat and #BHUSA to reach a wider audience searching for conference info.
  • Offer exclusive glimpses into your team's preparation for the conference, building anticipation.
  • Use Polls and Q&A posts related to the challenges in cybersecurity to spark engagement.

3. Network, Network, and Network!

Black Hat isn't just about showcasing your products - it's a golden opportunity to expand your network and valuable connections. While your booth is a setup for interaction, venture out to explore Black Hat's networking events. Here are some strategies to network successfully:

  • Mingle with fellow attendees and industry players at the welcome reception.
  • Be sure to attend the Business Hall which will take place between 7-8 August.
  • Instead of a vague "meet new people" strategy, set a goal (e.g., connect with 10 potential clients per day).
  • Develop a concise and engaging pitch that comprehensively explains your value proposition.
  • Review the Black Hat networking schedule and identify sessions or workshops aligned with your goals. This allows you to network with attendees who share your interests.
  • Pay close attention to the attendee's experiences and insights. This demonstrates genuine interest.

4. Set Up An Attractive Booth:

The ultimate goal of any booth is to maximize ROI by attracting a swarm of potential customers. Here's how to turn your Black Hat USA 2024 into a lead-generating magnet:

  • Analyze the Black Hat exhibition layout. Choose a booth with high visibility from multiple directions, such as near main entrances, thoroughfares, or popular attractions for optimal foot traffic.
  • Hand out brochures, flyers, and relevant marketing materials.
  • Showcase Live Demos: of your products or services in action.
  • You can also Incorporate game elements to engage visitors and collect valuable data.

5. Follow Up With Potential Clients:

The Black Hat conference itself is a networking hub but the real magic happens after the event. Here's where the often-overlooked power of persuasive follow-ups comes into play. This is where hesitant "no's" turn into "yes's" and leads turn into loyal customers.

Here’s how you can follow up :

  • Always send a personalized follow-up email within 24-48 hours of meeting a potential client. This keeps your conversation fresh in their mind.
  • A generic email will get lost in the inbox so reference your conversation, their specific needs, and any resources you discussed.
  • Share additional resources like case studies, white papers, or blog posts that align with their interests.
  • Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request.


Black Hat USA 2024 presents a unique opportunity for CISOs and cybersecurity vendors to connect and collaborate, and for cybersecurity vendors to showcase their products to hundreds of CISOs.

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